21 Day Prayer & Fast 2018: Day 18

Here we are! It’s almost day 21 of our fast. We’re at the finish line.

Which means day 22 is coming. 

To be honest, I started thinking about day 22 on day 2…

Maybe I’ll pull up a seat right next to a chocolate fountain and indulge while sipping on an extra-large expresso. Fine, let’s be reasonable. I might just eat a banana split for dinner. Ok, probably not. But seriously, I’d be okay if I didn’t see another salad again for a while. 

The restraints of the past 3 weeks will be lifted. Now what?

This is where it’s hard. It’s hard truth and it’s for me because I need to hear it, even if I fight the very truth I’m about to say. 

The whole focus of fasting is to humble ourselves before God. It’s about feeding our spirit instead of our natural desires. It’s denying ourselves and surrendering to God’s will, which helps us be more in tune to His voice and leading in our lives. 

Does this attitude and posture of the soul end on day 22? 

If we truly want to live a life surrendered to God, we should pause and ask God what He wants us to give up each and every day.

There may be seasons of sacrificing sleep for more prayer time, weeks of forgoing Netflix in order to serve, or times without social media because God needs to recalibrate our thought patterns. But know this:

When we open our hands to give Him the things we hold dear, we will be in the perfect position to receive His best for us. 

Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross dailyand follow me.” Luke 9:23 (NIV)

“Deny themselves…” 

Trade my wants and my desires for His. Be willing to relinquish the temporary things I want in order to hold His eternal best. 

“Take up their cross…”

Be willing to die for Him, and equally willing to live for Him.


Even on day 22.

As these weeks come to an end, I encourage you to keep pursuing God. Keep listening for His voice and remain ready to surrender to Him. 

In and for Him,