Please contact the church at (941) 235-7325 if you have questions. 

Adult Bible Study

(Ongoing, you can join at any time)

Tuesdays, 7:00 PM, Punta Gorda, Childcare available at DC3. Starts 5/29/18.
Leaders:    Dave Prins,; Teri Prins,

An ongoing bible study emphasizing the New Testament using an expository approach. What does this passage say about God? What does it say about us, and what does it say about our relationship with God?

Reconciling Genesis 1-11 with Science

(ongoing, you may join at any time)

Thursdays      6:30 PM, DC3, Childcare available. Starts 6/14/18.
Leader:            Jim Bennetts,

The purpose of this class is to examine the first 11 chapters of Genesis and compare it to recent scientific discoveries. The class will proceed from the assumption that God created the Universe and inspired the Word; therefore if interpreted correctly, they should agree. We will explore how Science can be our friend and a powerful witnessing tool.

Walking the Text

(ongoing, you may join at any time)

Wednesdays  6:30 PM, DC3, Childcare available. Starts 6/13/18.
Leader:            Cliff Washburn,

In helping tens of thousands of people do so over the last thirteen years, Brad Gray’s desire is to guide and empower you to see the Bible anew and engage it in its original context of history, culture, geography, visual settings, language, and literary design. And don’t worry. He’ll do so in a way that anyone can understand. The goal is to make the Bible easier to understand, not more difficult. But let’s not stop there. Knowledge without transformation is hollow. Brad will also provide you with helpful ways to walk out the Bible truths in your life. By experiencing the Text (Bible) in context and walking it out, we believe your passion for the Biblical Story, and for living out your own story more intentionally, will soar! 

AMPD (Ages 18-25)

(ongoing, you may join at any time)

Mondays, 6:00 PM, DC3, Childcare not available.  Start 6/11/18.
Leaders:       Michael Doyle,; Chelsey Doyle,

AMPD is a place for young adults to EXPERIENCE life in Christ, CHALLENGE each other to grow, and LEAD the world around them.