Madness | The "Dom" Mistake

So many Christians live lives that are only a fraction of what God has in mind for us! God has an incredibly perfect plan for each person, but very few scratch the surface of the plan due to a failure to view things with a Kingdom Mindset. This week, we'll break down what that means and shed some light on some common stumbling blocks that keep us from reaching true fulfillment!

The Greatest Of These | Love The Left

There are many groups of people that Christians sometimes have a hard time loving. Political groups, socio-economic groups, those who follow certain lifestyles, just to name a few. Excuses and justifications abound, but God's call is to love everyone, including these groups, unconditionally. We'll break down what that looks like as we conclude The Greatest Of These!

Steadfast | Pastor Bill Wilson

This week we are excited and blessed to have special guest Pastor Bill Wilson from Metro Ministries. Pastor Bill has an incredible testimony, having survived numerous typically fatal injuries while trying to reach people and children for Christ. His child sponsorship agency, Metro World Child, is saving and improving the lives of children all around the world. Pastor Bill's compelling messages in all 3 of our services challenged us to live our lives to the absolute fullest.

Steadfast | What Are You Thinking?

We're kicking off a new year and a new series this week! Scripture tells us consistency is the key to experiencing breakthrough in any area of your life. To that end, we're launching our 21 Day Prayer & Fast where we are asking you to spend 21 minutes with God per day. Pastor Steve will break down the details, and shed some light on some of the factors that may be limiting you.