The Greatest Of These | Love The Left

There are many groups of people that Christians sometimes have a hard time loving. Political groups, socio-economic groups, those who follow certain lifestyles, just to name a few. Excuses and justifications abound, but God's call is to love everyone, including these groups, unconditionally. We'll break down what that looks like as we conclude The Greatest Of These!

Steadfast | Pastor Bill Wilson

This week we are excited and blessed to have special guest Pastor Bill Wilson from Metro Ministries. Pastor Bill has an incredible testimony, having survived numerous typically fatal injuries while trying to reach people and children for Christ. His child sponsorship agency, Metro World Child, is saving and improving the lives of children all around the world. Pastor Bill's compelling messages in all 3 of our services challenged us to live our lives to the absolute fullest.

Steadfast | What Are You Thinking?

We're kicking off a new year and a new series this week! Scripture tells us consistency is the key to experiencing breakthrough in any area of your life. To that end, we're launching our 21 Day Prayer & Fast where we are asking you to spend 21 minutes with God per day. Pastor Steve will break down the details, and shed some light on some of the factors that may be limiting you.

What Did You Give For Christmas? | Joy To The World!

We're excited to begin our Christmas series: "What Did You Give For Christmas?"! The question you often hear after the season is over is "What did you get?". We're putting a Christ-centered spin on that: "What did you give?". This week focuses on joy, and how YOU can become a joy-giving person, and avoid having your joy stolen!

2020 Vision | Week 2: Don't Waste Your Life

We're continuing our 2020 Vision series this week. We're pleased to welcome guest speaker Gunnar Johnson this week, who has a powerful message to share about living your life as an investment. Gunnar served as the Executive Pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas, TX for many years, and he has a wealth of wisdom to share about making the most of your time, talent, and treasure. Don't miss out on this impactful message!

Behind Enemy Lines | Mission Accomplished!

We've got some spiritual beef jerky for you to chew on this week! Think about this: "Jesus never called us to create a Christian nation, impose our standards on nonbelievers, or preserve a particular culture. He called us to win the lost" - Larry Osborne. That can be a tough pill to swallow for many Christians, but we'll break down what that looks like practically this week as we wrap up Behind Enemy Lines!